The scope of services provided by the Tactical Research Unit (TRU) at Bond University is wide-ranging and is outlined in brief below. Research conducted with and on behalf of tactical organisations often constitutes a collaboration. Where this is the case, we will negotiate costs in a manner that takes into account any in-kind contributions of the tactical organisation in terms of access to personnel, purpose-built facilities and other resources required for the research, while also ensuring we can cover our costs.

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The generic scope of the TRU and its research and associated services includes, but is not limited to;

  • Occupational task analysis 
  • Fitness standard validation
  • Physiological and musculoskeletal profiling and fitness screening
  • Physical capability and task performance evaluation
  • Injury epidemiology
  • Injury risk identification, minimisation and mitigation
  • Equipment to human integration and impact assessments
  • Thermal and hydration research
  • Physical conditioning reviews
  • Physical conditioning program development
  • Tactical performance, health, fitness and wellbeing
  • Operational protocols and strategic guidance

Mission and vision



To enhance the protection and performance of tactical personnel through pragmatic research, education and advice.



Excellence in research that will lead to improvements in the health, wellbeing and occupational performance of tactical personnel.


Key strengths

The TRU is unique and purpose built, and as such brings several key strengths to tactical research:

Blend of tactical and research experience

TRU members have a unique blend of tactical and research experience with all members of the unit having served within, or worked directly for, tactical organisations.

Security clearance

All lead TRU members have, or have had, a security clearance and as such ensure data is treated securely and with relative sensitivity. Where security clearances are required, the level of work can be completed from Baseline Vetting through to Negative Vetting Level 2.

Bespoke solutions

The TRU does not seek out organisations to complete research but works with organisations to meet their bespoke research needs and demands.

Useable research dissemination

The TRU research outcomes are based on practical and realistic approaches, with the focus being on useable research dissemination as opposed to chasing journal publications and to this end, the TRU produce grey literature reports, that meet the requirements of the organisation.

Wide array of experience

With a wide array of tactical experience across the three management levels (tactical, operational and strategic) and research across the tactical spectrum from recruiting through to specialist, the TRU team bring lessons learnt from tactical organisations to better optimise organisational outcomes.

Task focused

Being from tactical backgrounds the TRU team are task focused. With multiple consultancy and research grant projects spanning over $2.5 mil, the TRU have finished all projects in a timely manner.

Our network and research

Our Network consists of:

  • Exercise physiologists
  • Injury epidemiologists
  • National and international fire and rescue personnel
  • National and international law enforcement personnel
  • National and international military personnel
  • Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Thermal physiologists


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