TRU 2020 Annual Report

Posted: May 12, 2021

The Tactical Research Unit 2020 Annual Report is now available. Please enjoy taking an in-depth look into what last year looked like for the team.

The most notable highlight for 2020 was the conversion of the TRU from a research unit to a faculty research centre nested within the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine. Funding success in 2020 saw the TRU afforded the opportunity to expand to include two post-doctoral research fellows and additional casual administration support. 

Noting the impact of COVID-19 on research opportunities (e.g., the redirection of tactical agencies’ priorities), the TRU continued to have success in small and large funding opportunities including a major tender success with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and a third funding opportunity from Australian Defence Apparel. In an ever-discerning field, the TRU were fortunate enough to continue to grow their network of industry partners, academic institutions, and government organisations, both nationally and internationally. 

A high research output was maintained with notable success in translation of research to real-world impact across law enforcement, defence and fire and rescue. Recognition of the TRU’s 2020 achievements saw both Dr Rob Orr and Dr Ben Schram recipients of VC’s Research Excellence Awards. 
While 2020 did present with notable challenges, the TRU had a highly productive and impactful year due largely to the acknowledged support of key staff from the Doctor of Physiotherapy program, the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, and Office of Research Services.