Posted: Sep 19, 2022

Setting up base at Bond's new Brisbane location

While Dr Rob Orr was in the field with military personnel at Gallipoli Barracks in support of the prime vendors for the LAND 125-4 bid, Dr Ben Schram and Dr Elisa Canetti were able to take full advantage of Bond's new location in Brisbane by setting up a ‘forward operating base’. Located just 7 km from the barracks in Enoggera, the use of the Brisbane facilities allowed for the passing of time-critical and safe-hand information.


TACOPS course for the Australian Army and Navy Physical Training Instructors

Dr Rob Orr recently spent three days down at the Puckapunyal Army Base in Victoria running the Tactical Conditioning Optimisation (TACOPS) Course for Australian Army and Navy Physical Training Instructors. There is one more face-to-face TACOPS course planned for the Singapore Defence Force, before the Microcredential Tactical Conditioning Optimisation Program is scheduled to take over.


TRU presents at the 2022 Global Summit - End PJ Paralysis

Dr Rob Orr was invited to present at the recent 2022 Global Summit #EndPJparalysis hosted by Adjunct Professor Brian Dolan, OBE. With the theme of the summit being - the impacts of deconditioning on health and wellbeing - Rob presented on the unique impacts deconditioning has on tactical populations and presented on how losses of physical fitness can have wide-ranging impacts on tactical force generation and maintenance, leading to fewer trained officers, firefighters and military personnel able to support the community as demand for their support increases. 


NT Police Territory Response Group (TRG)­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Dr Ben Schram and Dr Rob Orr are pictured below chasing NT Police Territory Response Group (TRG) officers dressed in full tactical gear weighing around 18kg to track VO2 data as the officers sprinted. Surprisingly, results showed that the load did not necessarily slow the officers down, completing the distance at sub 4 minute km (15 km/h) pace before vaulting fences and sprinting upstairs with an additional 14kg and completing other duty specific tasks. The elite fitness of these officers was clearly evident with VO2 values peaking at over 70mL/kg/min.