Posted: Nov 16, 2022

U.S. National Strength and Conditioning Association's Tactical Annual Training Conference

Dr Rob Orr recently presented at the US National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Tactical Annual Training Conference on Optimising movement for tactical professionals and sat on a panel discussing the future fitness needs of these professionals. While at the conference, Rob caught up with the Tactical Research Unit’s PhD students who live in the U.S. - LT Joe Dulla (retired), Whitney Trammel and Mark Stevenson (pictured below L-R). Joe and Mark also presented at the conference on topics relevant to their HDR studies - Law enforcement training and Impacts of stress on tactical performance.


PhD student invited on panel at the 30x30 National Summit on Women in Law Enforcement

Last month, TRU PhD student Joe Dulla was a requested panellist on Physical abilities in law enforcement at the 30x30 National Summit on Women in Law Enforcement, which was sponsored by the United States Bureau of Justice Assistance, Department of Justice.


2022 Trauma Conference

The TRU teamed up with Bond’s Translational Simulation Collaborative (TSC) participating in a panel on High Performing Teams at the 2022 Trauma Conference. Hosted by the TSC’s Professor Victoria Brazil, the panel included Dr Rob Orr (TRU), Dr Andrew Donohue (Anaesthetist, GCUH), Dr Eve Purdy (Emergency Physician, GCUH) and Dr Liz Crowe (Staff Wellness Lead, RBWH).

Landforces conference

The TRU recently attended the LAND FORCES 2022 Conference in support of Australian Defence Apparel. The TRU demonstrated the interaction of academic and research in regard to load carriage, exoskeletons and digital anthropometric devices for future clothing systems. During the conference the TRU partnership with defence industry giant Babcock International was also announced, with TRU supporting Babcock’s LAND 125-4 bid to supply Commonwealth with an integrated soldier system solution.

Rapid Fire Mini Congress
The 2nd Rapid Fire Mini Congress was held during research week this month. Following a keynote presentation by Dr Jace Drain from the Defence Science and Technology Group, HDR students, Doctor of Physiotherapy students, TRU staff and industry guests presented on a variety of topics spanning the tactical field, from military to law enforcement to fire and rescue. Around 40 people attended face-to-face and another 40 attended online. Online guests included delegates from the USA, UK, UAE, Finland, the Netherlands, Serbia, Germany, South Africa and Singapore.

Pictured below is Dr Jace Drain presenting the keynote at the TRU Rapid Fire Mini Congress.