Posted: Aug 30, 2022

Territory Response Group

Dr Elisa Canetti and research assistant Colin Tomes, recently assisted the Territory Response Group during the conduct of their selection course. Starting with 18 applicants, the course finished with one applicant following the two-day activity (which deprives applicants of both sleep and food). Elisa and Colin investigated stress and performance of the candidates under these conditions. Noting the value of the research output provided, the Territory Response Group has again invited the TRU to attend their specialist selection course and further requested assistance with the follow up specialist training course for those members selected. This work will see up to four TRU team members fly to Darwin on several occasions in August to collect data and further support  the Northern Territory Police.

Watch Dr Rob Orr's presentation: Back off; strong backs from rehabilitation to performance

Dr Rob Orr’s presentation to over 450 delegates at the 2019 Tactical Strength and Conditioning Annual Training conference in Texas, has recently been featured on NSCA TV. The lecture ‘Back Off; Strong backs from rehabilitation to performance' has been accredited to provide Continuing Education Credits to all coaches who are members of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The presentation is available here


Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Award

The TRU's Elisa Canetti recently collected the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) citation for innovation, leadership and scholarship awarded to the Tactical Research Unit. Elisa is pictured below with Bond's Director of Learning and Teaching, Dr Sarah Long.

Law Enforcement Innovation Day

Dr Rob Orr was invited to present a keynote address at the Law Enforcement Innovation Day. The event was hosted by Australian Defence Apparel in Sydney and was held for law enforcement agencies across Australia. Rob presented on how TRU’s research informed the body armour designs which are now worn by many of the agencies, including many of those in attendance, and discussed the future directions of research and law-enforcement load carriage.