TRU Update: June 2022

Posted: Jun 01, 2022

California State University

Dr Rob Orr was recently invited back to teach a session for the California State University, Fullerton - a Kinesiology subject, Measurement Techniques in Strength and Conditioning. The session focused on the use of occupational fitness testing for tactical personnel. Following the session last year, one of the attending students decided to complete their honours research in fitness testing for police officers and is now applying to complete a PHD in the same field.


Development work with Elbit Systems Australia

Continuing their support for Elbit Systems Australia's Commonwealth bid for the LAND125-4 contract, the TRU conducted primary protocol development work with two Australian Army soldiers from Elbit. The protocols form part of the Commonwealth’s FITEX (fitment exercise) and LDA (limited dynamic assessment) where the current solider load carriage ensemble will be compared to an enhanced capability variant inclusive of different radio systems, helmet mounted cameras, digital battle management systems and rifle ancillaries.